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Back To Nature Wedding Ideas For Manhattan Couples

If you and your fiance live in Manhattan, and are planning a wedding but want a venue outside of the city, then you are lucky. There are lots of alternatives to renting out a big hotel in midtown to host your celebration. Even though you live in a huge metropolis, it does not mean that you have to host your wedding reception there. So, if you prefer a more quiet and rustic setting, here are three cool ideas to consider. Each is within driving distance from the city, so out of town guests who fly into NYC won't have a big drive from their hotels.

Hamptons Style Beach Front 

The Hamptons are a most popular spots for wedding receptions. The beaches on the southern shore of Long Island are spectacular. And when you choose the Hamptons, you are hosting your event in one of the premier spots on the island. It's very exclusive, so you won't have to worry about loud music from party goers on the beach (which is an issue on some places on Long Island, such as Jones Beach). The Hamptons is home to mansions and country clubs. And lucky for you, many of these places have a side business in renting out their space for wedding parties. So you have two options. First, you can find a mansion overlooking the ocean. You can rent this for the wedding reception and then bring in caterers. A second option is to find one of the country clubs that offers their restaurant and premises for couples who are looking for a reception event.

Rustic Wedding In The Catskills

If you're looking for a rustic wedding reception area, then you should consider the Catskills. This is an area in upstate New York where you will find big log homes and rustic country houses on vast tracts of land. The area used to be a very popular resort destination during the 1950s with hotels and nightlife but is now more of a spot where people keep vacation homes. Many of these homes were once upon a time large farms but have been converted into luxury homes. You might find a beautiful barn conversion or old restored saltbox style house. This area is perfect for a spring or summer wedding where you want to host people outdoors. The scenery is beautiful with the mountains in the background.

Wedding Overlooking The Hudson River

If you like the idea of hosting your wedding reception in a grand mansion overlooking the Hudson river, then head north of the city, and drive up through Westchester, until you are in Putnam and Dutchess country. This is where you will find the gigantic mansions that were built at the turn of the 20th century by mega industrialists (such as the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park). You will find many properties that are open to the public. Many of these huge homes overlook the majestic Hudson river, which would be a spectacular style backdrop for a twilight wedding reception.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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