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Minimizing The Clean-Up When Hosting An Outdoor Children's Birthday Party

If you plan on hosting a children's birthday party for your son or daughter in the near future and you will be holding the event on your property, concern is likely to arise regarding the cleanup when all the guests have left the area. There are several steps you can take to make party decor and furniture easy to disassemble. Here are some tips you can take to help you minimize the amount of work you will need to do in cleaning up after a children's birthday party.

Consider Renting Furniture For The Event

Renting tables and chairs for the event will allow you to skip the clean-up of each piece when the party comes to an end. You can give each piece a quick wipe-down, but leave the deep cleaning for the rental service to deal with after the furniture is picked up or dropped off at their business. This will also allow you to conduct the party without worry about your furniture becoming damaged during the event. Rental services offer all types of furniture packages as well as linens, dinnerware, and place-setting utensils. Renting these items minimizes the amount of disposable trash you will have to remove at the end of the event. To learn more about party rentals, contact a company like Jump with Chris Party Rentals.

Hire A Teenager To Help Keep On Top Of Cleanup

If you have a teenager in the home, or if you know of a child of a friend or neighbor who wants to make a few extra dollars, consider hiring them to help keep up with the cleaning throughout the birthday party. This helper can assist the party guests with getting their food and drinks as well as cleaning up after them when they are done. They will also be able to round up the children for party games, give encouragement to each child as they take their turns, and hand out prizes to each child when needed.

Make Games Out Of Trash Removal

Place several trash cans around the area where children will be congregating for the party. Consider making a game out of the clean-up of plates, cups, napkins, and other items left behind after meal time and the cake cutting. Play loud music and tell to the children to throw away their items at that time. Give a prize to the child who throws away their trash the quickest or with the largest number of pieces to be placed in the containers. The children will enjoy the activity, and they will do the cleaning up for you!

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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