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Simple Appetizers for Your Wedding or Reception

If you are planning your wedding or reception, make the process easier on yourself with some simple snacks and appetizers. You don't need to spend all day in the kitchen. Instead, pick up a few basic foods that your guests will love, and then put your own personal spin on them.

Some ideas for easy, delicious appetizers that are fancy enough for your wedding include:

Olives. For the perfect salty snack, look for some distinctive and delicious olives. These tasty treats come in a wide range of options, from meaty, black Kalamata olives to smaller, firm Manzanilla stuffed with fillings such as peppers or blue cheese. You can also use these tasty fruits to create toppings like tapenade, which is basically mashed olives and spices, to serve on crackers or bread.

Nuts. Buy some high-quality nuts, like cashews, pistachios, or black walnuts, to serve at your soiree. Before your guests arrive, dry-toast the nuts in a pan on the stove with a pinch of sugar, salt, or even cayenne pepper. Be careful; nuts can burn quickly, so keep your eye on them when toasting.

Flatbread. Check out your favorite bakery for their selection of fresh-baked flatbread. These savory, herbed loaves are perfect for a party, and you can serve them with or without toppings. Toast torn pieces of flatbread for a crunchy pairing with beverages, or top with cheese and veggies for a super-simple alternative to pizza.

Hummus. Hummus is a quick and easy appetizer that takes mere minutes to put together and is always a hit. Serve this ground chick-pea and garlic spread with crackers, raw veggies, or pita chips for a snack that hits the spot while keeping you free to enjoy your guests.

Pickled vegetables. Pickled vegetables, which the Italians call Giardiniera, are another simple and satisfying snack that is perfect for parties and events. These can be served at room temperature with crackers or cheese for a salty, tart taste that complements cocktails nicely.

Cheese. Speaking of cheese, this is the perfect appetizer for any wedding and is super-simple to serve. From a baked brie to a wheel of cheddar, guests will help themselves to this protein-rich and filling food. Another idea is to buy a good-quality wedge of salty parmesan and serve shards of this hard cheese with drinks.

Try these foods at your wedding reception, and enjoy time with your guests. Visit specialty stores and groceries to find what you need to prepare and serve your guests a few awesome appetizers. You can also talk to venues like the Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center about their menu and whether they can provide these or similar appetizers.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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