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A Few Tips On Renting Chairs For Your Event

When you have an event with many people in attendance, you're faced with a problem. Where does everyone sit? Fortunately, the solution is fairly simple, since you can rent chairs for the occasion. Here are some tips to consider.

Consider Making The Event RSVP

If the chairs are for a wedding or reception, you'll have a good idea on how many chairs you'll need. However, if you're giving a lecture, holding a meeting, or hosting a reunion, you may have no idea how many will attend. One solution is to request that people RSVP. You can reserve seats for those people, and let others take the extra seats or stand. If you're charging for the event, you could require payment up front rather than at the door, so you'll know exactly how many people to expect. You generally pay for chairs individually, so you don't want to rent more than you'll need. A few extra is always a good idea, but too many costs more and makes your event look less special if there are many empty chairs.

Think About Comfort

The least expensive chairs are the hard, metal, folding ones. These are ideal for receptions where people will be walking around or dancing rather than sitting for hours. However, if you're giving a day-long lecture series, you may want to consider the padded folding chairs instead. They do cost a little more, but your attendees will be much more comfortable in them if they have to sit all day.

Put One Person In Charge

When it comes to renting anything from an event company, things can get confusing if the company has to deal with several people. Information doesn't get passed on, and important details may get missed. You don't want the chairs to show up late or run into other problems. Designate one person to be in charge of the chairs, whether it be a parent at a wedding or yourself at a lecture. Choose one point person for the event company to deal with so time of delivery, location of event, price, and payment all go smoothly. Also, make sure this person understands the policy of the event hall. Know when chair deliveries are allowed and when the chairs should be picked up so there is no risk of them sitting unattended and being stolen or of you being charged for an additional day. If you only need a small number of chairs, you may even want to pick them up and return them yourself to avoid delivery charges completely.

If you need chairs for a wedding reception, then you'll also need tables and other rental items for the event. If you're giving a lecture, you may need only chairs. If you do plan to rent several other items, it's a good idea to stay with one event rental company to prevent problems with getting the items mixed up and returned to the wrong place. Contact a rental company like B & T Rents for additional information.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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