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Setting Up An Event Space For A Job Fair: Four Details To Consider

Job fairs can be a great benefit to both businesses and the local community. If you plan on holding a job fair, you'll want to take the right steps to set up the event space. Here are a few details to consider as you plan your community job fair.

1. Use Pipe And Drapes

Pipe and drapes can create the backdrop for each booth at the job fair. This helps to define the space for each booth, and it also adds to the overall professional look of your event. Consider choosing two different colors of drapes to help differentiate the space for each booth, and use shorter pipe setups on each side for an added finishing touch. You can also line the walls of your event space with pipe and drapes to cover the walls and create a unique look for your event.

2. Rent Tables And Chairs

Each booth will need tables and chairs for use during the event. Rent at least one banquet table for each booth, and arrange for folding tables to be used in each one as well. You can ask each employer how many chairs will be needed for their setup. Rent extra tables and chairs to create a seating area for job-seekers. This seating area can be used to fill out applications or do on-the-spot interviews with potential employers.

3. Set Up Electrical Access

Employers may want access to electricity for a variety of purposes. They may want to set up computers job-seekers can use to fill out online applications, or they may want access to power so they can set up television screens to show informational videos about their companies. Work with the event venue to ensure there will be electrical access in each booth.

4. Order Promotional Goods

Having giveaways for job-seekers can add a fun touch to the event. Consider having tote bags made with your event name on them to give out to each person in attendance. The bags can be used to collect business cards, applications, and pens. You can also have custom pens, coffee mugs, and folders printed, which can be placed in the bags. You can also provide each employer with a bag filled with promotional items as a thank-you for being part of your event.

If you aren't sure about how to set up the event space for your job fair, consider hiring a special event services company to handle all of the details. With the right setup, you can help job-seekers and employers make perfect employment matches. To learn more, contact a company like Grand Event Rental

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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