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4 Features To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Reception Hall

Wedding reception halls offer a variety of features and amenities. Knowing which ones are available for your wedding package can help you narrow down your venue options and choose the perfect setting for your special day. Here are some features to look for to make sure your venue provides everything you need for a fun and memorable reception.

1. Coatroom 

If you are planning to get married when the weather might be chilly, it's a good idea to choose a venue that has a coatroom. This offers a place for guests to keep their outwear so it doesn't clutter the reception hall, and it adds a more upscale feel to your event. In the summer, the coat room can be used to stash dinner jackets and dress wraps when it's time to hit the dance floor.

2. Restroom Facilities

While reception halls should all offer restroom facilities, you'll want to check them out before booking a venue. If the reception venue has several rooms to rent but only a small number of bathroom stalls, your guests may be inconvenienced during the reception. Ideally, your reception hall will have its own dedicated restrooms. If it does not, be sure that the restrooms are large and can accommodate a number of people at any given time. You'll also want to make sure they are clean and well maintained.

3. Custom Seating Options

When planning your wedding, you may find that having to rent chairs, tablecloths, dinnerware, and flatware from different vendors can be overwhelming. Choosing a reception hall that offers custom seating and dining options can make planning your special day easier. Ask about tablecloths, chair tiebacks, plate chargers, and dinnerware colors so you can find the perfect arrangement for your reception tables without having to source multiple outside vendors.

4. Valet Service

Another way to make your wedding day a bit more upscale is to choose a wedding venue that offers valet service. This makes it easier for guests to arrive on time without having to worry about parking or walking through rain and snow to get to your reception. Valet service is particularly important if your wedding reception will be held in a downtown city center or densely populated area.

If you aren't sure where to begin looking for wedding venues, partner with a wedding planner. He or she can help you find a great reception hall with all of the amenities you want for your big day. For more information contact a company like Double A Ranch.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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