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Use Inflatables And Rental Furnishings During A Halloween-Themed Party

If Halloween is your children's favorite holiday and you have been thinking about hosting a Halloween party this fall, some themed games and novelties can be utilized  to provide everyone with a unique and thrilling experience. Use the rental equipment that follows to create themed stations. 

Inflatable Maze

An inflatable maze or inflatable obstacle course is surrounded by cushioned walls that are brightly-colored. When choosing a maze for the event, determine how many chldren will be attending the event so that you can select a maze style that will be able to support the weight of several children at the same time.

If you plan on hiding some spooky decorations inside of the maze or have chosen to dress up as a ghost or goblin and plan on hiding behind one of the walls in the maze, make sure that the model that you select has wide corridors so that you can conceal the decorations or yourself while the children run through the feature.

Either provide the children with a time limit and see who can exit the maze in the time allotted, or state that whoever finds the most hidden objects will be crowned the winner.

Pumpkin Ball

An inflatable basketball court that contains dual baskets can be used for a friendly competition of pumpkin ball. Purchase some basketballs and use permanent markers or paint to create a pumpkin face on each one. Add happy, sad, and scary faces to the balls.

On the day of the party, break the attendees up into two teams. Instruct one team to utilize one basket and the other team to utilize the other basket. Hand out an even amount of balls to the first two participants. Designate an amount of time for the children to attempt to toss their pumpkin balls into the hoops.

Keep track of each chilld's score. Allow the remaining team members to take turns. Award the winning team with pumpkin t-shirts or another Halloween novelty. 

Witch's Cauldron And Fingers

A large kettle can be used to hold punch. If you want the punch to have an eerie appearance, add food coloring to the beverage. Insert a ladle in the kettle so that you can use the tool to assist with filling cups with punch. Set the kettle on top of a rental table that is being used to serve food and beverages.

Use icing to decorate cream puffs so that they resemble fingers. Use icing to create the appearance of creases in each cream puff. Use a bright color of icing to add a polished fingernail along the end of each creampuff. After the children have expended their energy in the maze and basketball court, invite them to sit down around the table so that they can enjoy their witch's brew and cream puff fingers. 

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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