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Three Places Where You'll Find A Petting Zoo

Petting zoos are popular animal-based attractions for the whole family to enjoy as a way to celebrate one member's birthday. If your kids are unfamiliar with farm animals such as goats, alpacas, sheep, and more, it can be fun to experience a petting zoo together. Whether you're planning a party to take place near your home or you're on a family vacation while one of you has a birthday, you may have a few different petting zoo options. You'll find this attraction in a number of different settings, each of which offers its own benefits. Here are three places where you can often find a petting zoo.

Working Farm

While lots of working farms are closed to the public, you'll find some that have attractions that families can visit. A petting zoo is often one of these attractions, and it can be exciting to see the animals in this setting. In addition to viewing, touching, and feeding the animals, you may get to do other interesting activities during your visit. For example, some farms will have guided tours that take you through the livestock barns. Your kids will enjoy getting to see other animals and learn about the farming business.


A lot of community fairs, especially those that take place in rural settings, have petting zoos. Spending some time at a fair's petting zoo can be a nice way to enjoy some quality family time away from the bright lights and stimulation of the rides and games. These petting zoos can often be large, even though they're not permanent. Visitors of all ages will get a chance to see a wide variety of animals. You'll typically be able to buy one or more types of food from the petting zoo staff and feed the animals out of your hand.

Your Home

Some party rental companies have petting zoos that you can rent for gatherings. Provided that you have the space on your property, it can be fun to book the petting zoo to come to you. This can be a big surprise for your child and their friends as they show up. Typically, you'll book the petting zoo for a set period of hours, so you can schedule it accordingly and count on it providing a significant amount of entertainment for everyone in attendance.

If you want to learn more about a petting zoo birthday party, contact a company near you.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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