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Are You a Star Wars Super Fan? 4 Ideas for a Star Wars Wedding on Any Budget

If you and your beloved are Star Wars super fans, having a "galaxy far, far away" theme for your wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your big day. Depending on your personalities and style, here are four great ideas to take your wedding to lightspeed on any budget.

Scene Recreation. Why not recreate the famous Throne Room scene from the end of the classic movie? Look for a wedding venue that's large enough to hold a rebel-sized audience and add a small platform to one end. You and your partner can opt to walk down the aisle "Luke and Han" style to the famous fanfare of the Throne Room Theme Song or use a different movie theme for the opening moments of your wedding. How about recreating a beloved scene for your engagement photos with a life-sized prop of Yoda, Han Solo in Carbonite, or R2-D2? 

Characters. Give your guests a real thrill by inviting a Star Wars character to participate in your day. Costumes are available online and in local party stores, so anyone could dress up as Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Stormtroopers, or Kylo Ren and surprise your party. Make him or her a ring bearer, have them walk you down the aisle, or do a coordinated dance upon entering the reception. Want a more professional character entrance? Check with local comic convention cosplayers or charity groups like the 501st Legion

Props. A simpler way to give homage to your Star Wars love is to incorporate props with the movies' themes. Decorate the kids' tables with Star Wars action figures and mini-vehicles. Greet guests with a pair of flags or a wedding topper featuring the most romantic words in all of Star Wars, "I Love You/I Know." Design a themed photo mat for guests to sign. Hide an action figure or two in the bridal bouquet. 

Venue. There are several ways to work in a Star Wars theme to your wedding venue. How about a woodsy venue location in the beautiful California Redwoods, which originally hosted Return of the Jedi's speeder bike sequences and the lovable Ewoks. An outdoor desert wedding venue is perfect for fans of any set of the films -- originals, prequels, or new movies -- as it can stand in for Tattooine or Jakku. Check out venues like The Manoa Grand Ballroom and have a glamorous wedding on the planet of Naboo. 

Whether your budget -- and your fandom -- is large or small, you can have fun on your wedding day by adding enough Star Wars elements to please any fan. 

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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