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Traditional Vs. Technology: Hiring A DJ, Being Your Own DJ, Or Letting The MP3 Player Do Its Stuff

Are you planning a party or reception that will have music constantly playing? A constant stream of songs can make a party seem a lot more lively, and if you can get people dancing, the party might be seen as more fun. Choosing the way the music is delivered, though, can take some thought. If you're not having a live band, your choices are hiring a DJ, acting as DJ yourself, or making a playlist on an MP3 player and letting it rip. Each of the three can have some interesting outcomes.

Record Protection

Get a bunch of people together in a room with music, and soon you'll have a crowd of people competing to get their favorite songs played. Hiring a DJ lets you prevent that from happening because there will be someone guarding the music collection constantly. Most people realize it's bad form to hijack a professional DJ's collection and equipment, so if you're concerned about people trying to take over the music, hire a professional DJ. Requests are fine, but you want your guests paying attention to the party.


As for those requests, if you plan to allow them, you need to have a flexible playlist. If you've created something on an MP3 player, your music, even on shuffle, is going to be pretty much restricted to what you planned. A human DJ, be that a professional one or you, can make requests more of a possibility.

Go Have Fun

If you use an MP3 playlist, you're going to be glancing over at the gadget constantly to ensure it's OK. If you DJ yourself, you're going to be stuck DJing and not be able to mingle with guests. So if you want to have fun at your own party, hiring a professional DJ is the way to go.

Expanding Repertoire

Any of the options could work if you're trying to get a more diverse playlist. Have friends contribute their favorites to your MP3 playlist, or have a professional DJ bring in some obscure records. It's nicer to have a DJ bringing stuff in as that often means you'll have some really new-to-you music playing during the party.

DJs can stick to one genre, play a diverse set, take requests, not take requests, and even emcee if that's what you need. Talk to the DJ about his or her services and how they could benefit your party plans. You'll find that leaving the music to someone else makes the evening go more smoothly. Contact a company like Royal Entertainment to get started.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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