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Unique Outdoor Wedding Venues

If you and your fiance are outdoor or nature lovers and want to hold your special day in an unexpected venue, there are plenty to choose from. Popular outdoor wedding reception venues include country barns and backyards, but there are many more and you can easily choose a space that reflects your passions and interests as a couple. 

When picking the perfect celebration space, there are several things to consider. The size of your guest list will be the most important factor to think about when securing the venue. Make sure that the outdoor venue offers plenty of room for your friends and family members to mix and mingle comfortably. Your wedding budget is another critical aspect to consider when picking the space. 

Here are some creative outdoor wedding venues that may provide the perfect backdrop for the reception of your dreams:

1. A Park

For couples that love to spend time exploring the natural world, a city, state or even national park may be the ideal reception location. After you've determined you preferred spot, call to find out what type of permits the space requires, and if you're allowed to bring any type of party rentals or music. You can also inquire as to whether they provide catering services, or if you'll need to secure your own.

A serene, peaceful park will also provide a romantic backdrop for wedding pictures. 

2. A Botanical Garden 

A lush local botanical garden will set the stage for a tropical-inspired wedding reception any time of the year. If you crave a warm-weather wedding destination in the middle of winter but it's not in your budget, a botanical garden may be the answer.

Full of colorful, sweet-scented blooms and vivid greenery, botanical gardens will give you plenty of photo opportunities. To keep with the ethereal garden theme, decorate tables with vases filled with fresh flowers, and use crisp white linens to allow all of the colors to pop. 

3. A Boat

If your dream is to get married on the water, keep your guest list small and the ceremony intimate. You can rent an elegant ocean yacht or catamaran, a charming river paddle wheeler, or a even a houseboat, depending on the reception location. 

For those who like the idea of celebrating at sea but don't want to be sent adrift, you can keep the boat docked throughout the reception. You'll be able to enjoy the atmosphere and view while keeping your feet on land. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Deer Mountain Events.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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