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Expecting Wedding Guests With Mobility Issues? Consider These Factors For Your Venue

When you're looking for the perfect venue for your wedding, you and your spouse will want to imagine exactly how you want your big day to look, and then find the venue that can deliver. However, it's also worthwhile to think about the guests who will be attending. If you have several guests on your guest list who have mobility challenges — perhaps some who are in wheelchairs or use walkers or canes, or those who are simply elderly and don't get around with too much ease — it's wise to keep their situation in your mind as you look for a venue. Here are some factors to think about that will accommodate these people.

Valet Parking

It's highly convenient if the venue you choose can provide valet parking. This is especially true if it's a large venue with a considerable distance between the front doors of the building and the parking lot. Instead of having the area get congested with guests trying to help those with mobility issues into the venue, those who arrive can simply hand their car keys to a valet and go inside the building. At the end of the night, your mobility-challenged guests won't have to navigate a far distance to their vehicles; they'll simply need to wait for their valet to arrive with their car.

Building Accessibility

The accessibility of the building is also an important point to consider. You'll typically find that most wedding venues are accessible to those in wheelchairs, thanks to ramps at the entrances, but the degree of accessibility can vary from venue to venue. Keep accessibility in mind as you tour different venues. For example, the best buildings are those that are not only accessible from the exterior, but are also easy to navigate inside. For example, they'll have wide corridors and little to no changes in elevation, making them friendly for people in wheelchairs.

Proximity Between Locations

Some wedding venues are enormous, which gives you the ability to enjoy your ceremony in the garden and have your reception in a building across the property. This might be picturesque, but it can be arduous for those with mobility challenges to navigate this distance. If you're expecting lots of guests who can't get around with ease, look for a venue that has a small proximity between locations. For example, perhaps you can find a venue with a garden directly outside the building, meaning that moving from the ceremony to the reception is quick and easy.

For more information, talk to a professional business, such as Rainbow Gardens, about accessible wedding venues.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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