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Chair Rental Ideas According To Event Theme

When you're planning a big special event, you're likely to think of everything down to the last details, including the types of chairs you want to use. To keep the look cohesive throughout the event venue, choose chair styles that match the overall look of the decor theme.

If you have a specific style of chair in mind, such as a fun, whimsical design, you may have to call around to find an event rental company that has them in stock. If you can't find the exact type of chair you desire, you can alter the look of them using linens, ribbons and other decor elements. 

No matter what theme your event is, such as tropical beach-inspired wedding reception, a winery-inspired bridal shower, an enchanted garden-inspired baby shower or a festive Christmas party, there are rental chairs to match your needs. Some types of chairs are designed specifically for either indoor or outdoor use, such as in a rustic country barn or under a park pavilion. 

Here are some creative chair rental ideas according to your special occasion theme.

1. LED-Lit Chairs 

You may have heard of LED-lit dance floors and cocktail bars for events, but you can also rent glowing chairs as well. These types of chairs typically feature lights circling the perimeter of their backs, and can be customized to match any event theme.

For instance, pick red and green lights for a Christmas gathering, turquoise for a beach-inspired bash, pink or blue for a baby shower, or black, orange, and purple for a Halloween celebration. 

As an extra touch, you can also rent coordinating LED-lit cube-style table, which will look sleek and modern while giving guests a convenient place to rest drinks and small plates. 

2. Luxurious Chairs 

If you're hosting an elegant soiree, such as an English garden-themed bridal shower, consider renting luxurious lounge chairs and love seats that guests can mix and mingle on. Some ideas include velvet upholstery with tufted details, black leather upholstery with stud hardware and delicate white linen upholstery. 

2. Folding Chairs

If the only type of seating elements that are in your party planning budget are folding chairs, you can easily upgrade them to match any event decor theme. For example, place soft silver cushions on the chairs to coordinate with a winter wonderland-inspired wedding reception, and tie white and silver ribbons or scarves around the backs, allowing them to billow to the floor as a dramatic touch. 

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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