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Tips For Planning Your Daughter's First Baby Shower

When you get the news that your daughter is pregnant with your first grandbaby, the second thing to come into mind is the baby shower that you get to throw for your daughter and all of your closest friends and family. What can you do to make the baby shower as memorable as the moment you heard that you were going to be a grandmother? Here, you'll find a few things to consider including in the big event that you, your daughter and everyone who attends will remember.

Create a Memory Video

Memory videos bring tears of sorrow, as well as those of joy. Dig through the old family photos of the days when you were a baby with your mother and include pictures of you as you held your daughter as a baby. Display pictures of the wonderful memories that you've created with her. Lease some good audiovisual equipment to make the video really stand out. There are so many great computer programs that make it easy for you to scan or upload pictures and videos. Take those pictures and videos, add music, and create a full movie of a lifetime of memories that your family has created. Don't forget to set out some tissues – this is going to be hard for you, your daughter, your mother, and every other person in that room to get through without tearing up – and enjoy the show.

Tip: Hold onto a copy of this video for when your grandbaby has her first baby. Then, it can be played back before the video that your daughter makes for her daughter. It can become a new tradition for the family.

Gift Ideas

With so many baby products on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly what a new mother will need and actually use. Sometimes, the fancy stuff that everyone loves to buy just sits in a corner collecting dust because it's just so much easier to get back to the basics. So, to avoid receiving unusable gifts, consider having a diaper and cash drive for the party. Instead of gifts, everyone brings diapers and cash, the two things that a new mother never has enough of is.

Have fun with the planning – this is an exciting time for everyone in the family – and make this an experience that your daughter will remember fondly for her whole lifetime.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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