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Banquet Hall Special Event Catering Ideas

When you're planning a special event, two of the most aspects to consider are where to hold it and what to serve your guests. When you host the celebration in a banquet hall that offers onsite catering services, you'll be able to check both "must-do" items off of your list.

Aesthetically pleasing and roomy enough to comfortably hold all of your friends and family members, no matter how large your guest list is, banquet halls are the ideal special event venue. Typically featuring modern amenities, high ceilings for an airy look and feel, and a variety of other convenient amenities, banquet halls are versatile enough to host almost any type of occasion.

Consider booking a banquet hall for a big birthday party, a wedding reception, a bridal or baby shower, a graduation or anniversary soiree, or even a class or family reunion. If having access to outdoor space throughout the event is a priority for you, look for a venue that offers a patio, yard, garden or courtyard as well. 

Many banquet halls are a one-stop-shop for all of your event needs, including catering. After booking the venue, work with the banquet hall catering team to design your menu. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Family-Style Meals 

Since you'll most likely be holding a substantial-sized event in a banquet hall, you may want to serve your guests family-style, which can also help you save money as well. You'll be able to set up several large buffet tables in the hall, allowing plenty of space for a variety of foods.

Some family-style meal ideas include enchiladas, baked spaghetti, eggplant Parmesan, salads, fried rice and lo mien, depending on what type of cuisine you would like to serve. You can stick to all one type of cuisine, or go with a few different options to appeal to everyone on your guest list.

Be sure to provide several meat-free dishes for the vegans and vegetarians in your group, as well as gluten- and sugar-free items for those with medical and dietary concerns. 

2. Build-Your-Own Bars 

Another way to take advantage of a banquet hall's ample space is by setting up "build-your-own" food bars. A few ideas include hamburgers, tacos, burritos and entree salads, complete with all of the necessary main ingredients and fillings. 

Party-goers can work their way down the bars, creating their own meals as they go. This type of meal service will encourage guests to mix and mingle, and is a fun way to allow children to get hands-on with their food as well. 

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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