identifying concerts safe for teens

Venue Amenities That Work Well For Teen Parties

If you are planning a party that will be attended by a lot of teens, such as a prom, school dance, or sweet 16 party, you need to keep this age group's needs and preferences in mind when choosing a venue. Some venues that would work really well for adult parties may not be as well-suited to a party for teens. Here are some amenities and features to look for in a social event venue used for a teen party.

1. High-Tech Hookups

Teens are up-to-date with technology. There's a good chance the music they listen to is not even available on CDs and other older media, so you need to make sure the venue has high-tech speakers and audio equipment that can coordinate with smartphones and other portable devices. The same goes for projector screens and any other equipment the venue might provide. Make sure it's new and compatible.

2. Few Entrances and Exits

Teens might think that having six different ways to get in and out of the venue is nice, but it won't be nice for the chaperones. You want a venue with only a couple of entrances so that the chaperones can more easily keep an eye on who is coming and going. A larger venue in which you rent just one room works well. Chaperones can set up at the entrance to that room to monitor teens' movements.

3. Approachable Meal Choices

Most teens are starting to develop a more sophisticated palate than they probably had as middle schoolers, but they're still not likely to enjoy all of the foods adults enjoy, like rare steak and crab cakes. Make sure the venue offers approachable menu options that teens will enjoy. Chicken dishes, sliced roast beef, and pasta dishes tend to work well and appeal to many palates.

4. Various Sitting and Gathering Areas

Teens tend to divide into small groups when they're together. This is just a part of social behavior at this age! You want to make sure the venue you choose supports these small groups splitting off. Look for a space with a few collections of sofas in various corners, a lot of tables, and maybe even some quiet nooks where the kids can spend time.

If you keep the amenities above in mind when shopping around, you're more likely to find a venue that is well suited for a teen party and that both teens and chaperones approve it.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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