identifying concerts safe for teens

Planning an Event? Need a Generator?

A lot of people are home brewing their entertainment this year. With so many outdoor events that have been canceled, due to the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, people are starting to feel a bit stifled. Concerts, block parties, food events, and other things are out of the picture for this year, in many places, for the foreseeable future. You have to make your own fun for now. Human beings are nothing if not adaptable, though.

You'll probably need a generator for some of these things, especially if your event is going to involve music. While parks often have electrical outlets, many of those facilities are closed. If you're doing your event in someone's backyard, you may be relying on their house for power—knowing that peak energy usage is right around the corner. It might be cheaper, overall, to rent a generator and power it that way then spike your friend's electric bill. And if you're planning on doing anything that consumes a lot of energy—even for a mild live music setup—you may just not have access to the kind of power you'll need. Nothing ruins a party faster than tripping the breaker.

It's definitely worth at least looking at your local hardware store or anywhere else you can rent generators to do some pricing. It may be cheaper than you're expecting. And having a generator can give you a lot more flexibility in what you can do for your outdoor event. Even if it's a bit of a splurge, well, how many outdoor events have you missed? How much money would you have spent there? And what does spending the money let you do? If it gives you access to live music, or an outdoor movie theater, or even just a big inflatable water slide, these are all things that you might not get to do otherwise. And even if you can do them, doing them with a small group of people you know and trust is, right now, safer than doing them at a big public event with people you don't know in attendance.

Most generator rentals are flexible on how much time you need them for. For example, some allow a time slot as little as 4 hours, or as long as a week—which might be cool if you want to do a backyard music fest for a few days. If you have more questions, contact generator rental companies. 

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identifying concerts safe for teens

When you become a parent, you life changes drastically. Before my daughter was born, I went to many concerts each summer and loved every one of them. After she was born, I was lucky to get a night out to go for dinner with my husband. Now that she is a teenager, I have begun looking for concerts that would be suitable for us to go to together as a family. If you have a teen that loves music and that you would like to introduce to the world of live performances, this blog can help you identify the shows that are safe and suitable for teenagers.