identifying concerts safe for teens

Festive Seating For a Holiday Tent Party

When is the last time that you, your parents, and your adult siblings got together for the holidays or spent some time out on the town enjoying yourselves collectively? If you want to set aside your traditions and try something new this Christmas season, rent a tent and reserve a musician for a night of fine dining and fun with your loved ones. One of the biggest decisions which may have an influence on the overall vibe of the party is the type of seating that you choose to set up in the rented space.

Party Seating Options for the Preliminary Festivities

Your guest list may focus on your immediate family members, but if your siblings got married and have children or if you have some aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends who you would like to include in your plans, you can review several party seating rental options that will help with filling up the dining and recreational space. Cocktail tables and chairs are intimate in size and you can choose some that contain glass tops or intricate woodwork, which will let you set the scene for some one-on-one conversations or drink sessions. A bar setup is a good option for a more flamboyant party scene, which will involve you and your guests spending time grouped together while sipping on some wine or indulging in some shots of liquor. If you want to give your guests the option of switching between an intimate seating area and one that is more vivacious, rent a bar set and several cocktail tables and chairs. Partitions or curtains that are installed underneath the tent can be used to separate the two areas.

Family Style or Separate Dining Arrangements

A party planning shop owner may offer some specialty tables, which include wooden banquet tables, picnic style tables, or dinette sets. If you want to add a fancy arrangement of food in the center of a table and prefer to have everyone seated in the same area, choose a specialty table that contains a wooden leaf that can be used to extend the table.

Another option is to recreate a seating area that is similar to a restaurant's setting. Space tables out, so that they are not crowded together. Use baskets of pinecones and ornaments or fancy fruit baskets to decorate each table. Festive tablecloths, twinkling light strands, and music that is appropriate for the time of year and the celebration itself will make your guests feel welcome and joyful.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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