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How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Venue Site Trip

When you visit a venue where you think you want to host your wedding, you need to come prepared. A venue trip is a great opportunity for you to get some serious planning done.

Tip #1: Always Make an Appointment

Don't assume you can just show up at the venue and look around. A venue that can host your wedding will likely host other events and isn't going to be open at all times. You will want to make an appointment to ensure you show up when nothing else is happening. When you make an appointment, you will also get formally shown around, and your host can let you know about all the features and amenities that will be available to you when you rent the property for your event.

Tip #2: Be Prepared to Take Notes

Next, you will want to be prepared to take notes if you are getting a guided tour and talking to a representative for the venue. You can bring a paper notebook or bring a digital notepad — whatever is easier for you to take notes with. You will want to make sure you take down notes about details of the venue and information about any contract that you will need to sign. You can also write down any questions you want to address while touring the venue.

Tip #3: Take Some Pictures

As you tour the venue, you are going to want to take pictures and videos. Pictures will allow you to remember what you like and don't like about the space and remember what space looks like.

With a video, you can dictate what you like and don't like about the venue. You can note observations about the venue. Just make sure you have room to take lots of pictures and videos on your phone.

Tip #4: Save the Paperwork

Next, during your tour, you will likely be handed various papers, such as vendor guides, rate charts, menus, and pamphlets about the space. You may want to bring a manila envelope with you to put the paperwork into and then transfer it into your wedding binder if you have one. That paperwork contains useful information that you will need as you start to plan out your event's details.

Tip #5: Be Ready to Place a Deposit

Finally, you are going to make sure you have the resources to place a deposit. If you like the venue and your date is available, you want to have the resources to reserve the place. A great place isn't going to stay available for long, and if you know it is the place you want, you will want to secure it as soon as possible.

When it comes to checking out a venue where you want to hold your wedding, be sure to make an appointment, be ready to take notes, take pictures and videos of the place, save all the paperwork you are given, and be ready to place a deposit. For more information about renting a location for your wedding, contact a local venue, like Russo's On The Bay.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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