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How To Assemble A Pipe And Drape Stand

A pipe and drape stand can be used as a backdrop for your next live event. Performers can stand in front of the backdrop or one can be used to provide a complementary surface for single or group photo sessions. A kit will contain base pieces, horizontal and vertical pipes, hardware, and fabric drape panels.

A Pipe Kit

A wedding reception, a graduation party, a birthday celebration, or any other type of group gathering may prompt the use of decorative drapes. A pipe and drape kit is a mobile setup that can be used indoors or outdoors. Some kits contain expandable and retractable pipes. This pipe style can accommodate ceilings of varying heights.

Base pieces consist of flat metal panels that each need to be attached to an upright pin. Screws are used to attach each pin to a base piece. Upright pieces (vertical pipes) and horizontal cross pipes can be attached with the other hardware pieces that come in a kit.


Fabric drape styles vary. Some kits may feature a single or dual fabric setup. A more elaborate drape style may feature several pieces of fabric that will each be suspended next to one another. Fabric is designed to flow freely and will only be secured along the top of the drape stand. 

Two cross pipes are designed to attach together. Upon assembling the base pieces and attaching the upright pipes to them, the cross pipes will need to be secured to one another. If a pipe stand is going to be tall, a ladder may be needed to secure the cross pipes to the vertical pipe sections. Before attaching the cross pipes, the fabric panels should be connected to the pipes.

Each drape panel will contain a pocketed edge. The ends of the horizontal cross pipes will fit inside the pocketed fabric. After arranging the drapes along the length of the attached cross pipe sections, each end of the attached cross pipes will need to be secured to the top of a vertical pipe section.

A metal hook will be secured to the end of each cross pipe. The hooks can be used to stabilize the cross pipes to the horizontal pipe sections. The drapes can hang downward or can be pinned back. Lightweight materials can be secured to the fabric pieces. Signage, balloons, or other decorative materials that are attached to the fabric will customize the backdrop.

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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