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The Pros And Cons Of Tall And Short Wedding Table Centerpieces

Should your wedding table centerpieces be tall or short? Each couple must make the right call for their particular wedding plan, style, and venue. To help you decide, here are a few pros and cons of each option.  

The Pros and Cons of Tall Centerpieces

Tall centerpieces look dramatic and capture guests' attention. They're ideal for large wedding venues where their size fits in with the scale of the location. They also help fill up a larger space by adding sheer volume and drawing the eyes upward rather than down or at eye level. You may have a wider range of blooms to choose from because larger flowers, such as lilies and hydrangeas, don't work well in a short arrangement. 

Their natural drama also tends to give tall centerpieces a more elegant and formal feel, so they're perfect for more formal weddings. Their size makes them a major decorative element; they allow you to achieve a formal or classic look on a budget. In fact, some couples find they can recycle wedding ceremony flowers into centerpiece flowers because their size provides a larger canvas on which to work.  

There are two major drawbacks of many tall centerpiece styles, though. The first is visibility, Their large size can be an obstacle for guests at tables to comfortably converse with one another, and the taller centerpiece may discourage mingling. The other common concern is that they will overwhelm a smaller venue by feeling out of scale with the rest of the surroundings. 

The Pros and Cons of Short Centerpieces

Should you choose shorter centerpieces? They may be right for you if you want a more comfortable, casual, or rustic feeling to the tables. Short centerpieces are usually less dramatic and encourage more friendly interaction among guests. They're also often more budget-friendly for couples who want to keep costs in line, and they may be easier to put together if you're doing the arrangements yourself. 

Their smaller stature, though, means that these centerpieces will not make as much of a visual impact on tables. They may be underwhelming on larger, rectangular, or square tables. Some couples complement them with longer or wider accessories to make the entire arrangement more impactful. 

Where to Learn More

Want more help finding the right wedding table centerpieces? Start by consulting with an event planning service that specializes in table centerpieces today. With their selection and guidance, you'll find the perfect solution no matter what your wedding plans. 

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identifying concerts safe for teens

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